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7th Caspian International Exhibition
Furniture, Interiors and Design

October, 21 - 24 2009
Sport&Concert Complex named after Heydar Aliyev
Baku, Azerbaijan


• Living and upholstered furniture
• Furniture for offices, banks and public institutions and trade centers
• Furniture for bathrooms
• Kitchen furniture
• Build-in furniture
• Special furniture

• Wallpapers, phytoproducts, tapestry
• Carpets and floor carpeting
• Lighting, mirrors, glassware

• Equipment and tools
• Accessories
• Upholster
• Finishing materials and elements
• Semi-finished elements
• Lacquers, paints and glues

• Blinds, curtains, shutters
• Mattresses and beddings
• Decorative fabrics
• Home textile


Sale's market enlargement. The rapid growth of the building industry for the recent years has promoted the development of the furniture market of the country. The dynamic building sector development (during last 2 years more the 4 mln. square meters of living space were given to exploitation) causes enough increase of furniture production demand which is satisfied completely both by local production and importing. The following countries as Italy, Turkey, Russia, China, Malaysia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, U.A.E., Iran are the main furniture suppliers to Azerbaijan. It should be mentioned that the demand of component parts, accessories, equipment for furniture production is satisfied by importing. The main exporters are following:
Upholster materials - Turkey, Russia, U.A.E.
Accessories - Poland, Turkey, Russia, German, Ukraine, Italy, China
Row materials for furniture production - Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey
Woodworking equipment and tools - Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy

The search of new partners and consumers. The furniture market has increased enough during last time maintaining its strong positions in economy of Azerbaijan. Nowadays there are more than 500 large furniture stores in Baku and regions where local and importing furniture is presented. The local furniture production is mainly based on kitchen, office, dwelling and nursery furniture. Azerbaijan exports its local production mainly to Georgia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia. The participation of leading furniture companies at the exhibition gives the consumers the opportunity to detailed information about furniture market, its sectors and the main trends of furniture market development.

Image support. Participation at the exhibition will give opportunity to present your company and products, show up the latest achievements in the field of drafting and various interior design.

Who Will Visit?

More than 12 000 professional visitors from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Germany, Iran etc.
• Directors and general managers of furniture productions and show-rooms
• Representatives of the State Bodies, Ministries, Embassies and other state institutions
• Managers of supply departments, banks, business centres and trade complexes
• Representatives of hotels, restaurants, sports and tourist compexes
• Designers
• Public visitors


• Direct distribution of 35,000 invitations through the professional database
• Distribution of invitation tickets through popular magazines and newspapers
• Advertising campaign in Mass Media - over 5 000 advertisements
• Information about the exhibition at the internet sites and portals
• Preliminary press-conference and etc.


According to the "Doing Business 2009" report, published by the World Bank and IFÑ, Azerbaijan led the world as the top reformer in 2007/08.

According to UN's World Economic Situation and Prospects 2009 Report, Azerbaijan will remain the country with most dynamic economy in CIS with growth of by 14%.

Population of Azerbaijan is 8.6 mln people.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Azerbaijan increased by 15% and made up AZN 30.4 bln. ($38 bln.) in January to September 2008. The amount of the GDP per capita composed AZN 3554.4 ($4302.1). The amount of the production in all spheres of the economy increased by 16.3% and made up 75.7% of the GDP where 63.6% (AZN 19 310.2mln) fell on industry. $2.52 bln. Of GDP fell on construction industry.

Growth rates of investments in the economy of the country also increased. Nearly AZN 6.283 bln. ($7.79 bln.) was invested in the economy of Azerbaijan over the period of January and September 2008. an increase of 38% from the figures of the last year when the increase totaled 15.1%. The forecast of investments for 2008 totals AZN 6246.3mln ($8.75bln) with a decrease of 12.8% and the allocation over the past nine months reached 100.6% of the forecast.
Moreover, internal investments prevail above the external investments, their share in the total amount of investments are respectively 72.5% and 27.5%. According to the State Statistics Committee, a total of AZN 2339.5 mln. (37.2% of all investments - $2898.6 mln.) has been invested by the private enterprises with a decrease of 8.9% as compared to the same period of the last year, and AZN 3943.5 mln. (62.8% - $4885.9 mln.) by Public enterprises, an increase of 98.7% from last year.
The amount of investments in the construction-assembly works increased by 55% as compared to the same period of the last year and totaled $5.61 bln. $6.62 bln. was spent on the construction of production facilities, and $2.22 bln. - non-production. Investments in the housing construction composed $585.8 mln.

In January to September 2008 the foreign trade turnover with 136 countries comprised $44201.5 mln. The amount of export increased by 802.96% as compared to last year and comprised $38970.8 mln, while import rose 33.79% to $5230.7 mln. Azerbaijan exported 1,869 types of goods and imported 5,528.



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